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Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, the candidates wanted to keep him out. bob dole was desperate to keep him out of the debate because he thought that ross perot would take votes away from him. bill clinton did not want anyone to watch the debates. he wanted a non event. bill clinton of the two -- agreed to include ross perot on the condition that one of the debates was canceled, and the other was scheduled opposite the world series of baseball, and there were no follow-up questions. that is what the american people got. exactly as president clinton wanted, by design, the lowest debate audience in history. who took the heat? not the candidates. the polls after the debate showed 50% of the public blamed the commission. only 13% blamed president clinton, 5% blame the bob dole. the role that the commission played along the candidates to engage in anti-democratic manipulations behind closed doors without having to pay a political process. if bob dole and bill clinton can look at the camera and say we are going to keep out a candidate that you want to see, they would have never had the courage to do so. it would have been forced to
Oct 2, 2012 8:00am PDT
you keep going out there, okay, and you stopped, and you kinda bob to the surface. isn't that true? that's because the buoyancy acting on you turns out to be a little bit greater than your weight. so the net force is up. but i often wondered what happens to someone who swims very, very deep, maybe closing their eyes 'cause the water's smarting their eye. and they're very, very deep. and they stop and they keep-- they just wait until they bob to the surface and they wait, they wait, they wait, they wait and clunk. oh, gosh. [laughter] then you're all out of breath. because it turns out when you get deeper and deeper, you don't get as much buoyancy acting on you. can anyone figure out why? really, really deep, the pressure gonna be more? more. do i change the volume of this with more pressure? no. not very much. how about like a balloon? very much. how about--aren't you a little bit like a balloon? you got lungs, honey? air in the lungs. can that air be compressed? - yeah. - huh? so what happens to your volume as you go deeper and deeper? smaller. you get scrunched up, so the buoyanc
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
bob mcdonnell is caring -- contending that he cares about the women of virginia. he has said and the ultrasound bill was to inform women. clearly, he has never been pregnant, never been in the position that a lot of women are. when we find that we are pregnant and maybe do not want to be because we are extremely informed and we spend a lot of time considering our decisions. >> clearly, this has influenced national electorate politics. bob macdonald was one of the leading contenders to be the running mate of mitt romney. he was the one that introduced mitt romney in our fault. because of this ultrasound issue, where it became so controversial run the country, where he was pushing for this, it looks like mitt romney had stepped back. >> i think what you saw in virginia were people standing up to their government. it was a beautiful grass roots movement where people came from across the state and stood on our capitol grounds multiple times, stood up to our government and said, you might be in power, but we are not going to take this anymore. that is why we created
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3